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If you're going on holiday before the birth of your child, getting a competitive travel insurance quote should be one of your top priorities to ensure you are covered for a range of eventualities. Travel insurance coverage for pregnancy gives you the peace of mind that you need to enjoy your time away in the weeks and months before your little one arrives.

Some of the most common questions are about travel while pregnant. While most pregnant women can safely travel without incident, sometimes complications arise and customers wonder, "What does travel insurance cover?"

Is Pregnancy Covered by Travel Insurance?

Travel Health Insurance Covers Pregnancy
Travel Health Insurance Covers Pregnancy

In general, pregnancy is specifically excluded from all travel insurance coverage. So, if normal pregnancy is specifically excluded from coverage, what coverage does travel insurance provide for pregnancy? Just as an existing pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition by health insurance providers, and therefore not covered, an existing pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition by travel insurance companies if the insured is pregnant before the travel insurance plan’s effective date.

If you have to make a claim, the travel insurance company will ask for doctor’s records to determine whether there was a pre-existing medical condition. Therefore, if you’re already pregnant when you purchase your travel insurance plan, you’ll need to purchase a plan with coverage for pre-existing conditions or add that as an upgrade to your plan.

Even then your travel insurance medical coverage will only provide coverage for medical conditions that are defined as complications of pregnancy, a term that’s defined differently by each travel insurance provider, but in essence is defined as:

“Complication of Pregnancy means a condition whose diagnosis is distinct from pregnancy but is adversely affected or caused by pregnancy.”

That means while the pregnancy itself isn’t covered, you will have coverage for medical expenses that result due to complications as long as the plan you choose has medical coverage and complications of pregnancy are covered events. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to pay any more for your travel insurance if you’re pregnant. pregnancy is not an illness; being pregnant won’t make it harder for you to get cover, and you won’t be charged extra.

While not all travel insurance plans include coverage for normal pregnancies, some plans do. Below we outline several situations travelers may come across if pregnant while planning a trip or actually traveling.

Trip Cancellation Due to Unexpected Pregnancy

In this case, you’ll most likely need to provide proof that the pregnancy occurred after the effective date of your plan. This will need to be a medical document signed by your physician.

Get Travel Insurance while Pregnant

Can you get health insurance while pregnant? Most travel insurance does not include normal pregnancy as a covered reason for trip cancellation. If you purchase a comprehensive plan and select the cancel for any reason benefit, you will be able to cancel and be reimbursed for a portion of your trip cost. Cancel for any reason reimburses a percentage of your pre-paid, non-refundable trip cost, and you must qualify for the coverage by purchasing within a certain number of days after making the first payment toward your trip.

Also, in most cases, you must insure the full cost of the trip and typically will need to cancel your trip 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure date. Cancel for Any Reason coverage will not allow you to cancel on the day of departure if you decide that you just don’t want to go.

Pregnancy Complications and Travel Medical Coverage

Is pregnancy a medical condition for travel insurance? While your plan may not cover cancellation due to a normal pregnancy, it may extend coverage due to complications to a normal pregnancy. If your doctor provides documentation that says you cannot travel due to a complication or prenatal condition, your travel insurance plan may cover reimbursement for trip cancellation.

If you encounter complications while traveling, a comprehensive plan with emergency medical coverage may reimburse for any costs associated with the care for that condition. This could include evacuation back home if deemed necessary. Make sure to read the details of your plan as it may only offer coverage for complications during a certain time frame of your pregnancy.

You often won’t qualify for trip cancellation coverage unless your doctor won’t allow you to travel due to the presence of a covered complication of pregnancy, . Travel insurance won’t cover cancellation of your trip if you are concerned that there may be a chance of a complication. For instance, it won’t extend coverage if your doctor advises you not to travel due to prior pregnancies

Refusal of Travel Insurance by Carriers

You and your doctor are 100% comfortable with traveling while pregnant, but the travel carrier may not be. Different carriers (such as airlines and cruise lines) have various rules and regulations when it comes to pregnancy. Travel insurance will not cover the trip cost if you show up to depart on your trip and are refused service by the carrier. It’s the traveler’s responsibility to know the rules of the travel carriers from which they purchase tickets.

Childbirth on a Trip

If you’re traveling in a late stage of your pregnancy and go into labor, medical reimbursement will not be available as normal childbirth is excluded from coverage.

Is trip cancellation covered pregnancy?

Not all travel insurance plans allow you to cancel if you become pregnant. In fact, most consider pregnancy not to be a covered reason to cancel. After all, many women travel during their early pregnancies just fine. There are, however, some plans that do allow cancellations due to unexpected pregnancies.

Travel Insured International’s Worldwide Trip Protector Gold plan includes pregnancy as an unforeseen event that qualifies as a covered reason for trip cancellation benefits. See the following covered reason for cancellation language:

“Your or Your Traveling Companion’s normal pregnancy as long as the pregnancy occurs after Your or Your Traveling Companion’s Effective Date of coverage and can be verified by medical records.”

Of course, note the language indicates that the pregnancy must occur after the policy’s effective date of coverage and it must be verifiable. Again, any health insurance provider would expect the same level of verification. (Review the details of trip cancellation coverage.)

Covered reasons for trip interruptions are inclusive of the covered reasons for trip cancellation, so whatever coverage you have for trip cancellations is likely to determine your coverage for interruptions. If you experience a medical condition due to a complication of pregnancy, for example, and are hospitalized, that trip interruption will be covered up to the plan limits. For some plans, that means return air only and for others that means you’ll be refunded your unused pre-paid trip costs as well.

If you are pregnant and traveling, contact your travel insurance company with any and all questions you may have about your coverage. It’s best to discuss the risks with your doctor prior to leaving to determine if traveling is best at your current stage of the pregnancy. Spend a little time reviewing the policy description, which is available online at the travel insurance company’s website or in your e-mail with your policy purchase details.
We hope this clears up the questions you have about pregnancy and travel insurance.

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