Travel Insurance With Pre Existing Medical conditions : List and Reviews

Travel Insurance With Pre Existing Medical conditions |
Insurance is about covering unpredictable events. The whole point of travel insurance is to cover you for the unforeseen – ie, unpredictable events that may (or may not) occur either before or during your holiday.

Travel insurance for people with pre-existing medical conditions works exactly the same way as insurance for typical travellers and is designed to cover you for the unforeseen such as cancellation or lost luggage. Essentially, a pre-existing medical condition can be defined as anything you’ve received a diagnosis for, or take prescribed medication for.The only exception is that it also covers the cost of care for any medical condition you may have had in the past or you suffer from currently.

This is not included in typical travel insurance as standard, meaning that specialist cover is vital for holidaymakers with a history of illness, and you'll usually pay more, as insurers consider you to be more of a risk than those with a clean bill of health.

Travel Insurance With Pre Existing Medical conditions

Best Travel Insurance for Pre existing Medical Conditions

The most to do before buy pre-existing medical conditions travel insurance are declare your medical conditions or you may not be covered. If your insurer doesn't know about your medical history any pre-existing conditions will be excluded and you could face a massive bill if you become unwell.
Always err on the side of caution and contact the travel insurer to be certain of the rules they are laying out and how they apply to your own situation. Honesty is the best policy to make sure you have the travel insurance cover you need. It pays to understand the rules.

A pre-existing condition is an illness or disease that you have had advice for, symptoms of or treatment for. Different insurers will have their own list of conditions they need to be informed about before you travel

Travel Insurance pre existing Medical Conditions List

The pre-existing medical conditions and disabilities that covered By medical travel insurance. Some of the most common medical condition that covered by travel insurance companies:

  • Cancer (all types) Travel Insurance
  • Heart Condition Travel Insurance
  • Mental Health Travel Insurance
  • Brain and Cerebral Conditions Travel Insurance
  • HIV and AIDS Travel Insurance
  • Back Problems and Neck Conditions Travel Insurance
  • Circulatory and Blood Conditions Travel Insurance
  • Bowel and Bladder Conditions Travel Insurance
  • Central Nervous System Disorders Travel Insurance
  • Breathing and Lung Conditions Travel Insurance
  • Joint and Bone Conditions Travel Insurance
  • Kidney Conditions Travel Insurance
  • Rare Conditions Travel Insurance
  • Liver Conditions Travel Insurance
  • Disability Travel Insurance
  • Organ Transplant Travel Insurance

Do you need pre-existing medical insurance cover?

Some conditions are more difficult to cover than others, so consider your needs carefully. If you have, or have had, mild asthma or high-blood pressure you may still be able to get cover via our main travel insurance guide.

Many insurers will also need to know about conditions or illnesses that can be linked to your pre-existing condition. For example, an asthmatic who develops a chest infection while on holiday will only be insured if the policy includes coverage for asthma.

As you are statistically more likely to fall ill while abroad if you have medical conditions it's important you give a full and frank run down of all your health issues, or those you've had in the past, when you apply for a travel insurance policy.

Buy as soon as you've booked or risk not being covered for cancellation or pre-trip illness
It is never a good idea to wait to the last minute when you are buying travel insurance but this is even more important if you have pre-existing conditions because it may take a bit longer to get it sorted. There's also the risk that your condition gets worse so if you've already got the insurance you'll be covered.

Thinking you don't need to arrange cover yet as your holiday's not for another six months is a big mistake. In fact, it's even more of a reason to arrange travel insurance, as anything can happen before your trip. Why? It's because travel insurance won't just cover you while you're away, it'll also cover you for cancellation or anything else that might go wrong BEFORE you make your trip. So the sooner you buy cover, the sooner your holiday is protected. Choose the best travel insurance companies that cover pre existing conditions

Free Quote for Travel Insurance Cover for Medical Conditions

When looking for a quote for travel insurance to cover your pre-existing condition, it’s vital to let the insurance provider know your full medical history, as failing to mention any medical condition could invalidate your policy. It’s also important to answer all medical questions accurately as providing incorrect answers could affect any claim you make.

Why is it so important to cover your pre-existing medical conditions before you travel?
While it’s not a legal requirement to have travel insurance for pre-existing conditions and disabilities in place, if you needed to cancel your trip due to your medical condition without insurance, you could be liable for loss of deposit or cancellation costs. Having specialist travel insurance means you will be protected for irrecoverable costs that you incur. Equally, your travelling companions will also be covered provided they are included on your policy. It’s important to read the Insurance Policy as terms and conditions will apply.

The importance of cover for your pre-existing medical conditions when you travel
One of the main reasons people purchase travel insurance is to cover themselves for emergency medical expenses. Provided you have declared your medical condition(s), you will be protected whilst travelling in the event you have a medical emergency due to your pre-existing medical condition and need treatment. Without the correct cover in place, you could be faced with having to pay thousands of pounds for medical costs or repatriation charges.

Plenty of standard travel insurance providers offer cheap prices, but it’s unlikely they will include the level of cover you need for your medical condition or disability. Many of thesetravel  insurance providers will exclude cover for health conditions, or may simply refuse to offer travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions or disabilities altogether. This can lead to people travelling abroad without adequate cover, but it’s simply not worth the gamble. Not only can this put your health at risk, it can leave you liable for enormous bills if you need medical treatment while overseas, or if you need to be repatriated back home.

What should I check in my travel insurance policy before I buy?

Your medical travel insurance checklist. Make sure to consider these key features when looking for travel insurance for medical conditions or disabilities:

1. When should I purchase cover?
It’s best to take out your travel insurance as soon as you have booked your trip, so that you have the benefit of cancellation cover.
With an Annual Multi-trip policy, cancellation cover begins on the date you choose to start your policy. If you already have a trip booked and you want to be covered immediately, you should select today’s date.

2. Will you be covered for other essential aspects of travel?
Make sure your policy has cover not just for emergency medical and cancellation costs, but for your personal belongings and travel documents too. If your flight is late leaving, will you be covered for travel delay or journey disruption? How about if you lose your prescribed medication or medical aids?

3. The medical questions that will be asked when you apply for a quote
You will be asked a series of questions relating to your specific medical condition. It is important to have all that information to hand when you are applying for a quote so you can accurately answer all the questions.

Insurers do not normally ask to see your formal medical records when you apply for travel insurance, but may request them if you make a claim.

4. The excess on the travel insurance policy
Check the excess you will have to pay in the event of claim. Some standard travel insurance policies with cheap rates may be tempting, but the excess can catch you out!

5. Taking part in activities whilst I’m away are covered or not
If you are planning to take part in activities on holiday, it’s important to check if you are covered.

6. Does the travel insurance policy include cover for medical aids and medication?
For those travelling with a medical condition, the chances are that you will be taking medication with you.

Single trip policies MAY be your most affordable option
If you have pre-existing conditions buying an annual policy may be prohibitively expensive. Get quotes for both single trip and annual cover and work out what will be most cost effective.

If it is cheaper to buy an annual policy, and you know you will be making a number of trips, opt for that instead. Of course, this varies depending on where you're travelling to and for how long but if you also have extra trips during the life of the policy, you already have the cover in force.

You may already have travel insurance without knowing. Many bank accounts that charge a monthly fee are likely to have extra benefits such as travel insurance so if you pay for yours you may already be covered. If you think you got insurance as a sweetener with your bank account, check the terms to see if it is appropriate for you.

If your conditions aren't severe, eg, you've got mild asthma, you will probably be covered without paying anything however, if your conditions are severe, you may have to pay an additional fee or you may be declined cover entirely, but always check as insurers have different rules.

If you develop a medical condition you must speak to your bank before you go on holiday. If you don't tell it the condition will not be covered and you may have to foot the bill for overseas treatment if you fall ill.

Do NOT confuse this with a benefit offered with credit cards called travel accident insurance, which only covers accidents on a train, plane or in a hire car paid for on the card. Never think this means you're completely covered.

Going on a cruise? You're likely to need an add-on to the policy
Cruise ship holidays are growing in popularity but don't expect to be automatically covered for cruise specific issues. Carefully check your policy to make sure you are covered should you need to cancel a cruise holiday or require medical treatment once on board.

If you need extended cover, which usually includes cover against missed departure, unused cruise excursions, cruise itinerary change and cruise cabin confinement, you can usually select an add-on to get the right protection – which won't break the bank.

Don't overpay on your travel insurance. Costlier cover is rarely worth it
As you're buying a travel insurance policy for someone with pre-existing conditions, you're going to be paying more than someone with a clean bill of health. However, remember to watch out for insurance providers as they go all out to scare us into upping cover levels.

Cover for pre-existing medical conditions

Whether you're travelling in Europe or further afield, with your family or on your own, follow the steps below to find the right cover at the right price. These steps apply for single and annual policies and if you have severe medical conditions, a single policy may be the most affordable option.

How to claim on your travel insurance cover

This is steps in the event you need to claim travel insurance.
Submit your claim as soon as possible

  • If it's a medical claim get an insurer to accept it first
  • If it's a theft or loss claim notify the police
  • If something goes missing or is stolen when you are abroad you may 
  • Keep your receipts
  • Complain if you feel your claim was unfairly rejected

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